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“3D Printing in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering”

22-23 March 2018, Warsaw, POLAND

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 1st TERMIS-EU Workshop which will be hosted in Warsaw, on 22-23 March 2018. The theme for the Workshop is “3D Printing in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering”. Recent advances in 3D printing including bioprinting stimulate development of future medical treatments that are patient specific and highly personalized. 3D printing enables fabrication of customized artificial medical devices, scaffolds and even human tissues and organs. It plays a significate role in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

1st TERMIS-EU Workshop will be organized in collaboration with International Society for Biofabrication. It will bring together scientists, engineers, clinicians and industry to discuss recent achievements in the field of 3D printing in regenerative medicine with an emphasis on how new discoveries translate into improved clinical practice. The main focus will be on bone and cartilage regeneration; however, repair of soft tissues will be also presented. The workshop will provide with insights into the state-of-the-art technologies, methods and biomaterials in 3D printing of biomimetic scaffolds and implants that stimulate desirable cellular responses and tissue regeneration. Additionally, the latest developments and future perspectives in the field of 3D bioprinting used to build 3D personalized living tissue/organs substitutes or models will be discussed.

The important part of the meeting will be hands-on sessions on 3D printing and bioprinting. These sessions will provide participants opportunity to see the 3D printing and 3D bioprinting in action to understand how these technologies might be used in engineering of musculoskeletal tissues. Participants will execute the entire process from material selection to conceptualization, designing/modelling, printer setup, process parameters, and printing.

The Workshop will take place in Warsaw, Poland’s capital, with a rich history, and a wonderful combination of modern urban development and historical architecture. The conference will be held at the Warsaw University of Technology, the oldest and the largest technical university in Poland.

We hope to welcome all of you to the 1st TERMIS-EU Workshop on “3D Printing in Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering” in Warsaw, Poland!

Wojciech Swieszkowski, PhD, WUT Professor
Conference Chair

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